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Ceremonies for Hearth and Home


doorknocker, Colombia . photo: John Sawyer

doorknocker, Colombia. photo: John Sawyer

Congratulations! Whether it's a house, an apartment, a spaceship, or anything in between, a new home is a double opportunity: a chance to acknowledge the lessons of life before the move and a chance to set new intentions.

You can thank the community that supports you in this endeavor, and you can honor those who lived in the home before you.  Many people like to end a housewarming celebration with a meal, joyfully embodying the gatherings and celebrations to come in the new home. 

As with any custom ceremony we create, you will receive total approval over the ceremony script and elements. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas; we can schedule a complimentary consultation in person or via Skype.

Or, if you know you want to create a meaningful moment within a larger housewarming celebration -  but you aren't interested in a the top-to-bottom Celebrant experience? Consults are available for this ceremony at an hourly rate.

Moving and Downsizing

doorknocker, Italy . photo: RRC

doorknocker, Italy. photo: RRC

Moving is really tough, no matter what.  Even a relatively uncomplicated move from one place to another can be a drain on one's physical, mental, emotional, and financial resources.  A ceremony created for moving can help shift perspective towards the joyous excitement of a new home and direct some energy towards a successful move (however you define it!).  It can happen at whatever stage of the moving process you are undergoing. 

Downsizing ceremonies are specifically for people moving from the larger family home into a smaller apartment, retirement home, or assisted living facility.  These are opportunities for the person (or people) moving to reflect on entering a new phase of adulthood, share memories of the place they are leaving, and consciously create new traditions for the new place.   Hourly consultations are also available for this kind of ceremony.

Please contact me to discuss what might work for you and your family as you prepare to say goodbye to one home and wholeheartedly embrace your new configuration, whatever that may be!

please do get in touch: hannah@riverandrootceremonies.com or (202) 930-1138