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When you or a loved one returns from service or study abroad or any other extended stay away from one's nearest and dearest, a celebration is always in order.  However, a big party isn’t always the best or most appropriate space for sharing and acknowledging the deeper changes and lessons that may be a vital part of the returnee’s story.

Birds flying home,  photo: RRC

Birds flying home, photo: RRC

You may yearn to share the stories of transformation face to face with those you care about – and your loved ones, in turn, are eager to learn more than can be gleaned from a post or a share online.  Yet the tides of readjusting and reacclimating move inevitably onward; time passes so quickly and with it,  the momentum and energy of the return.

A personalized homecoming ceremony allows you to reflect on and share the findings you gained whilst away.  You can declare new intentions and state your concerns for the next chapter of your journey. The homecoming ceremony also offers a mediated arena for the your community to welcome you back, rejoice in your well-being, join you in witness of pain or injury, and absorb what you choose to share in a dedicated space.  It can be a small part of a larger celebration, or stand alone.

Please contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation for your homecoming ceremony.  I happily offer discounts to service members and human rights/ justice workers.

please do get in touch: hannah@riverandrootceremonies.com or (202) 930-1138