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Ceremonies for Professional Transition

More so than at any other point in history, humans are on the move, from a job standpoint.  Holding one position, staying in one industry, or even working at the same place for the entirety of our professional lives, is now the exception to the rule.

Ceremonies for professional transition offer a thoughtful, dedicated space to acknowledge lessons acquired from prior work and life experiences, release professional identities and/or patterns that no longer serve, declare new intentions and desires for the endeavors ahead, and commit to learning new skills.  The energy accumulated from such a gathering can provide powerful forward momentum.  

Some situations in which a ceremony for professional transition could be useful and powerful: 

Brain coral,  photo: RRC

Brain coral, photo: RRC

  • returning to school to pursue training in a new field or an advanced degree
  • organizational founders/leaders stepping down
  • new responsibilities at current job
  • early retirement or forced downsizing
  • starting a new business or professional practice
  • mindfully ending, closing or reconfiguring a business or professional practice
  • returning to full-time work after a time away
  • pursuing a part-time Third Act career while enjoying retirement (please see Ceremonies for Your Third Act … and Beyond for more information)

As with all ceremonies, you have final say over the ritual elements, shape, and script.  Consulting is also available for these ceremonies at an hourly rate.  Please contact me to discuss your story and your ideas.

please do get in touch: hannah@riverandrootceremonies.com or (202) 930-1138