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Consulting for Weddings and Other Ceremonies

Hiring me as a consultant can offer you peace of mind that your ceremony will be shaped and overseen by a professional, while ensuring that your voice and vision remain the primary guiding force.

You may have a person that you would like to perform the ceremony for you, but would like an outside eye or some other professional assistance - I'm also happy to perform that function for you.  Many people have loved ones in mind for a ceremony leader (Let's ask Cousin Ganymede, Cousin Ganymede is the best!) but are also aware that aforementioned loved ones have their own busy lives (Cousin Ganymede works two full-time jobs and has never written a shopping list before, let alone a wedding!  Let's get them some help!) 

You may find yourself six weeks pre-ceremony without a clue what's going to happen on the day, other than that you want to Feel Something Meaningful and maybe Listen to Someone Else Say Nice Things.  That's okay!  I'm here for you.

My participation as ceremony consultant will take the form that feels most authentic & useful to you: a conversation or two in person or over Skype, resource sharing for text/flow/ritual content, research, editing - what you need or imagine.   Please contact me to schedule a complimentary conversation about where you are and where you would like to go, ceremonially-speaking.

Consulting Packages & Rates

Two Hour Wedding Consult, $175

We will schedule a two-hour in person or Skype conversation to talk about your wedding ceremony, what you know you want, what you know you don't want, what - if any - rituals, readings, or powerful moments you envision being part of the day.   This is a judgment-free zone and a space for you and your partner to share whatever you need to share about the thoughts, dreams, hopes, and concerns that are always in the mix whenever we plan an emotional event and combine it with logistics! Then, within three business days of our conversation, I will email you a wedding 'vision statement,' one or more skeleton wedding sequences based on what we discussed, and a curated list of three to five readings from my Celebrant library that reflect you and your partner's interests and affinities.   

Should you decide, following the consult, to book me for a custom wedding package, the cost of the consult will be applied to the package fee. (in other words, you won't pay twice).  

Nice things people have said about this wedding consult package:

  • Just wanted to say that we felt so much better and more excited about our ceremony after speaking with you and we can't wait to read through the notes you sent.  You are wonderful!  - Leah S.
  • Hugely reassuring and inspiring to talk with you!   - Aaron S.

Other Ceremony Consulting:  $65/hour (one hour minimum)

Questions? Want to barter, or have a different idea about how to work a consult? 

Get in touch with me and we can figure it out!

please do get in touch: hannah@riverandrootceremonies.com or (202) 930-1138